How can I help with the Hotline?

If you are a member of a local group of Alcoholics Anonymous with at least six months of continuous sobriety,
you can volunteer for a period of ONE MONTH to help in one of the following areas:

Answering the hotline calls – and providing the information requested.
Many calls are simply informational in nature and our volunteers have access to that information and will provide it to Hotline callers.

12th Step calls – for those callers who are asking for help for themselves.
These volunteer AAs are willing to connect with the person who is asking for help.
What begins with a simple phone call can often result in a person attending their first AA meeting.

Transportation to a meeting – for callers who desperately want to go to a meeting but lack transportation.

If you would like to volunteer, please call or text Lisa B. at 610-360-7653,
or you can email her at: