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Please fill out the form below to send us any questions or messages. If you know the officer or chair position that you are trying to reach, you can directly email them as well by clicking on their titles below.

Send flyers (preferably PDF) that you wish to have posted on the Bulletin Board to:

ABE Officers – Position Responsibilities

Chairperson – Responsible for conducting ABE Intergroup monthly meetings and Steering Committee meetings

Vice-Chair – Acts as Chairperson in their absence

Secretary – Responsible for recording monthly Intergroup Meeting Minutes and emailing them to IG Representatives

Treasurer – Responsible for managing all financial matters, including producing the monthly Treasurer’s Report

Committee Chairs – Position Responsibilities

Telephone Hotline – Responsible for volunteers who serve the Telephone Hotline Committee

Bookstore – Responsible for maintaining sufficient stock of Bookstore materials and recording sales and inventory

Hospitals and Institutions – Responsible for volunteers who serve the Hospitals and Institutions Committee

Schedules – Responsible for updating and maintaining printed and online schedules

Unity – Responsible for all matters pertaining to AA Unity

Public Info – Responsible for updating and maintaining AALV.ORG website and all public outreach initiatives.