6:15 am Digital Alternative: Early Sobriety Group Chabad Building 4457 Crackersport Rd Allentown 57 Discussion, Open, Wheelchair Access
10:00 am SUSPENDED: As Bill Sees It Temporary Closure Episcopal Church of the Mediatior 1620 W Turner St Allentown Discussion, Open, Temporary Closure
12:30 pm SUSPENDED: Brown Bag Temporary Closure St. Luke's Lutheran Church 417 N 7th St Allentown Open, Step Meeting, Temporary Closure
5:00 pm Thursday Evening Group Cedar Lutheran Church 3419 Broadway Allentown 57 Discussion, Open
7:00 pm SUSPENDED: Thursday Meeting of the Monday Night Group Temporary Closure First Presbyterian Church 3231 Tilghman St Allentown 57 Closed, Discussion, Temporary Closure, Wheelchair Access
7:00 pm Digital Alternative: Thursday Night 12 Steps & 12 Traditions Seventh Day Adventist Church 2140 Tilghman St Allentown Open, Step Meeting
7:30 pm SUSPENDED: Rainbow Group Temporary Closure Nurses' Quarters Building 1628 W Chew St Allentown 57 Discussion, Open, Temporary Closure
8:00 pm SUSPENDED: Hanover Group Temporary Closure St. Peter's Lutheran Church 1933 Hanover Ave Allentown 57 Discussion, Open, Temporary Closure, Wheelchair Access